Sunday, 24 July 2016

The tweets @jack doesn't want you to see

Like many of you, I had my Twitter account suspended July 19, right around the time Milo Yiannopoulos (@Nero) got the permanent boot, igniting the #FreeMilo twitterstorm. I watched and participated from an alternative account as the hashtag shot to the top of Twitter's worldwide trends. It remained trending overnight.

I was suspended for 12 hours with no recourse, then required to "delete" my allegedly offending tweets (users have no choice but to "delete" offending tweets if they want to regain access to their accounts -- tweets which have already been purged by Twitter anyway). The first offending tweet was an image encouraging Leslie Jones to chill out. The second wasn't even directed at her.

Other users returning to their locked accounts have shared screencaps of the tweets Twitter forced them to delete, too. I am struck with the urge to catch 'em all:

Twitter locked my account for admonishing @Polidorable for his endless nerdbashing tantrum against multiple users critical of the Ghostbusters remake. Had Leslie Jones (@Lesdoggg) not been automatically included in the tweet, I might not have been noticed. But the fact remains that I was suspended for a tweet that wasn't even directed at her.

More from other users:


YukitoBurrito (@WeebTet) reports a locked account and forced tweet deletion "for simply pointing out that after Jack spoke to the actress, 7-8 days of her tweeting abuse back at people was erased.":

I don't have many yet! Send me your screencaps on twitter: @WithMetta

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